Tmj Or Tmd

TMJ Pain. People should not have jaw pain, jaw muscle pain or headaches in the morning. These are all very serious signs that there is a problem in the jaw joint (Temporal Mandibular Disorder often referred as TMJ or TMD)

There are many causes of TMD, most often it is a disharmony between the jaw joint and teeth not working together. If the teeth and jaw joint are not in harmony, then the teeth can wear down prematurely, break faster, lead to jaw pain or headaches. Most of the time this is correctable. There are many different ways of treating TMD. A detailed exam by Dr. Tom Rowe will help give you different treatment options that you can choose from to help your unique situation. Our end goal is to allow the teeth and jaw joint to work together and not be destructive towards one another.

If you have signs, symptoms or TMJ problems please call our office to schedule a detailed exam to help your unique situation (970)453-4585 .